Let's make something mighty fine

Let's make something mighty fine

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Previous work

World Chocolate Masters 2022 – Teaser/Trailer

World Chocolate Masters 2022 - Teaser/Trailer(for Berlin Creative Agency) A fast-paced avant garde text animation, created for this world renowned chocolatier competition. Read More "World Chocolate Masters 2022 – Teaser/Trailer"

Lost Waves – European Research Project PETER

Lost Waves - European Research Project PETER (for Storyrunner) Click the image to watch the full video on YouTube Read More "Lost Waves – European Research Project PETER"

Designing and Recycling Electric Motors (DEMETER)

PART II: Designing and Recycling Electric Motors: DEMETER project (for Storyrunner) This is a follow-up video explaining about the project's main field of research. Click... Read More "Designing and Recycling Electric Motors (DEMETER)"

KeyFigures Recruitment & Podcast

KeyFigures Recruitment & Podcast For this fledgling platform, an intro leader was created, complete with title card templates and custom alpha wipes. Click on the... Read More "KeyFigures Recruitment & Podcast"

About me

At age four I was able to name all of the most common car manufacturers. And I knew their logos. I spent hours drawing the diamonds of the Mitsubishi logo. Or trying to emulate the 16 lines that make up the Renault mark. Coincidentally also a diamond.

Fast forwarding several binders of scrap papers, vandalized-with-my-doodles picturebooks, I discovered computers and in particular drawing software. From my first logo for my dad’s company to creating logo animations for my clients has been a journey worthwile!


Kistemaeckersstraat 6
2060 Antwerpen

+32 486 20 81 60


VAT: BE0839215195

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